Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Episode 4: Better Covenants Part 2


Welcome to Episode 4!
We continue our discussion of Covenants and how this understanding changes how we view the Bible.
  • The Bible is not a rule book but a written record of God's covenant journey with humanity.
  • The lens through which we see the Bible determines what we think it says.
  • Our understanding of Scripture affects how we live.

We talk about God testing the Israelites not to see what they were made of, but to show them who HE is.

We fill in some details on the other types of covenants.


10 Commandments are the terms of the Kinship Covenant

Before the law when the Israelites grumble they are not punished.
After the law when they grumble they are punished.

Deuteronomy is written as a typical Vassal Covenant contract.
1:1-5 preamble
1-4 Historical prologue (history of un/faithfulness)
5-26 Stipulations
27-30 Ratification (lesser king agrees)
31-34 Dynasty succession / Covenant continuity (Joshua takes over)

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